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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Creatives Block.

Okay, let's get real and deep today. It seems that in this time in age it's a lot happening all at once. I know i'm not the only one experiencing this blockage in society. With all the racial, religious, generational tension occurring it seems that this Trump era has me in the dumps when it comes to being creative and building content. It's hard to focus and keep track of everything. I guess that's apart of being an adult adult right?  Like I said before, I KNOW that i'm not the only person feeling this shift at full force. I've been seeing a decline in my ability to create things, my inspiration meter has dropped dramatically, and what makes it even worse is venting to other people who are in the same field have no solution for me, which is understandable I believe. Yeah it sucks, but I think I can spread some hope in this blockage. 

What I've been learning is that you can't force your brain to want to create. I can be really hard on myself because I feel that I'm not good at what I do. I doubt myself and my abilities and that frustrates me. It may sound funny, but I find myself and others getting so frustrated and it results in unnecessary stress that we truly do not need. Instead of frustrating your brain to death, focus on these two tips that will help you get your creative spark going. 


Don't and I repeat DON'T force yourself to create content. Draw yourself to focus on relaxing your mind. I notice that when I really focus on finding things to do that make me feel happy and relaxed, it really helps so so much. Try meditating in silence, watching a show, watching YouTube videos that inspire you, and also reading inspiring books. Also listening to music helps. For me I love listening to lo-fi because it helps me to wind down my brain, especially when I feel my brain is going 150 mph. Once you're brain is in a calmer state I guarantee those ideas will come to you easier than you forcing it. 


Not all clutter is bad. Sometimes the best ideas come from a mind that has a lot in it, like a storage unit on storage wars lol. Meditating and allowing yourself to dig deep into your thoughts will help you pull ideas out and transfer them to paper. You can keep those thought forever and look back at them. You may write something down one day, then a few days (or even years) later you may be able to create some amazing content. It has been plenty of times where I thought about something and I couldn't think of what to say at that moment, and then one day I think about it again and I'm in a better state of mind to create something amazing. It's all about timing. 

This may be cliche', but this has helped me and so many other people. Apply these two tips to your everyday life, dwell on it and notice the difference. I hope this helps. 
Thursday, February 7, 2019

Some Days are Better than Others.

How do I become my own person? 

Life overwhelms me, a lot. I feel alone often because I feel like i'm the only one who is going through this. Trying to find my way and make my own. It's like i'm starting from scratch. I'm not under my parents anymore, i'm my own PERSON. Yikes. I'm not perfect. No matter how much I thought I was before, I learned that I am not perfect. I can aspire to be the best I can be in all the parts of my life. Being pulled in so many directions is scary. I get scared all the time. I always feel that I have to be in control of everything, and becoming a woman has shown me that I control nothing in this life. The only thing I can control is how I deal with life. I can only control my actions. I can manage my emotions in hopes of fully controlling them. I'm 26 and I don't know it all, and that's okay. I know in due time that my desires, my dreams will all match what God made for me. Will doubt come, yes. Will I get frustrated, yes. Will I feel like giving up, of course, but I have to keep going. I have many more years left in this life and I have to make something out of it. Somethings gotta give you know?

Battling My Demons...

I've given God a try. I won't lie, I have had my share in crystal therapy, chakras, steering away from God. Trying my best to prove that God didn't really exist. Letting trash fill my mind. I've even considered buying sage to "get the bad spirits out" (thank God I didn't do that). No matter what I did I didn't feel happy. I never felt filled or full. You know when you eat a meal and you just sit there like "i'm still hungry". My thirst was never quenched. That's how I felt. I felt like my spirit didn't have a home, like I was just wandering around with no purpose. I just felt empty inside. The older I got the more I started to remember things. Trauma's from my childhood started to consume me. I felt like I knew everything and I had the answers but I was so wrong. It ate me up inside to the point I felt that everything I was doing to cope was actually making it worse. It was. I had to fight for my soul. I even had a thought that "Jesus was just a man, he was a prophet, and that's it, Christianity is white man's religion" I knew it hurt Jesus because I felt him hold on to my heart. I seen my heart and Jesus holding on my a vein, a string. If I fully let him go, I honestly believe I would be dead right now. I've opened my self to so much that I have to let God fix it this time. I had to let him take the wheel because I was a lost cause, I had to experience my mind almost shattering to pieces, and it was something I would never want anyone to go through. God got me out and for that I owe him my life, because without God I am truly nothing. 

Rebuilding My Life...God's way.

This road is not an easy road. It's narrow and difficult, but it's the right road that will lead me to HIM. For those who question God's existence, for the ones who convinced themselves that Jesus is not who he says He is, for those who are steering away from Him I really encourage you to take a moment out of your day and just talk to him and vent. Also ask him to reveal Himself to you in a way that only YOU can understand. Don't expect him to talk to you like how you talk to another human being. Don't expect God to come from off his thrown and show himself to you because I will tell you right now, He won't. That's not how God works. He is not a genie. I also encourage you to not put God in a box. Bible stories you've learned in bible school is just the tip of the iceberg. The stories that these amazing anointed men and women of God shared from the past is so relevant to our individual lives. It's amazing and full of wisdom. God is so real and full of so much love that His love can be overwhelming at first. Sometimes I have to take a break from studying because the bible gets REAL okay lol. Build a relationship with him. He wants a relationship with all of us. If not then why would he makes us? 
Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Engagement Shoot !!

Here are the highlights of our engagement shoot. We had an amazing experience with our photographer and we had so much fun. I hope y'all enjoy as much as we did. 

Something Major ! I'm Getting Married !!

Y'all, ya girl is getting married in three months, okay! I'm in a wedding, getting married married. oh yes. I can finally be excited about this. This whole process has been a roller coaster. Like an emotional roller coaster. Once it's all done and we made it down the aisle i'll post my experience about my wedding planning experience.

It's going to be kind of weird having all the attention on me (us) on that day. Everyone wanting our attention. Everyone wanting to take pictures with us. I think it's going to be a bit overwhelming for me but I know it will be a memory I will cherish forever. I'm so excited to see how our vision comes to life.

I've been hesitant on posting all of our pictures from our photo shoots because one i'm very private and two because well, I was a little chunky in the first pictures lol but I think it's time for us to stunt extra hard for a little while. I mean we stunt hard but we gotta go all out you know. I'll make a separate post for that so if you're reading this defiantly check out that post.

Click the link here to see our engagement pictures.

Well I hope that I can keep getting boosts of inspiration to write more and create more. I haven't been writing or creating content because of the lack of inspiration. Or even the fact that I worry if people will read it or not. Will it be good enough?, will people feel me?, and my own laziness. Sometimes I can think 100 mph and that makes me jump from multiple topics a lot. That's why I have to keep writing things down. You know, even if no one reads it or sees this at least I can have it for myself.

Well, i'm closing out. I have to find a better way to close out my blogs lol. Have a great morning, evening, or night y'all.
Friday, December 21, 2018

The Growth is Beautiful from Here.

Hello, hello, hellooooo beautiful people. (I defiantly heard my Auntie/Spiritual Mother Yvonne's voice just now. Mrs. Theandra Yvonne Walker to be exact.) I hope everyone is having a good night, morning, afternoon. I'm just up watching YouTube, like I normally do when honey is at work. Anyways I wanted to pop back up and just update everyone on what's been up in my life. 2018 is coming to an end soon, and I can say that this year has been a very hard, trying, and painful year. It was a lot of things that has happened and I had to really let God take over. Never in my life have I been scared of losing my life, the people I love, and my mind. I am so grateful for having people in my life, but most importantly I am so blessed that God never failed me.

I am more comfortable with life, knowing what I need to do and actually making decisions for me. I have always been a person who made a lot of decisions to make other people happy, and also to make things easier for everyone else. Knowing what I know now is really humbling me. God has been showing me that the lessons I learn in this life will give you more room to walk on the narrow path to Him. (Matthew 7:14 NLT)

Although sometimes I feel like i'm not proud of myself like I should, but i'm proud of my growth so far. I'm so excited to see where God takes me, and we all should do the same. With that being said i'm going to plant 2019 in this new soil that has been cultivated. I had to allow the Holy Spirit to clean house. Take all the baggage out. Help me take out the trash and sweep, etc. I've been in the storm for so long I forgot what relief felt like, but I feel it now, and i'm not letting it go.

Day by day :)

I haven't been feeling inspired during my down times BUT those feelings won't last long. I want to build better content, and develop a team of people that I can trust. I need to consider finding a different blogging platform so I can have more motivation. New computer, new camera lenses *cough cough* lol. I'm excited to plant and water 2019.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Photo Session BTS: Christina.

So, I decided to start doing behind the scenes (BTS) blog post about my clients because I want to be more open about what I do. I typically don't share my techniques because I feel that when you're building your brand and creating your own signature style it tends to be copied a lot. 

With that being said, Why not start with this great photo session I had recently with Christina. Shout out to her because she is a super busy woman lol. I was excited to be able to shoot my co-worker/friend because every time I see her at work or outside of work this girl can pair anything together and make it look fabulous !! So I knew that I had to have her apart of my portfolio. 

Everything went smooth. I had a vision, made a theme, sent it to her, and she put a look together that was A1 (great). She was easy to work with and communication was on point. I'm so glad that her confidence shined through her because it shows in all of her pictures. Take a look at these pictures, you'll see what I mean.

Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.

Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.

Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.
Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.
Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.

Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.

Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.

Photographer: Kay Copeland. | Model: Christina Long. | MUA: Christina Long.