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Monday, April 17, 2017

Crystal Haul: Building My Crystal Collection.

Hey everybody !! So here I am, making a post and guess what, it's kind of on time, i'm proud of myself lol but anyways, I have a little haul I want to share with you. I've been so open to collecting stones and crystals. I've always been the kid to collect rocks and show them to my mom and grandma and I always felt that I was finding something special, even if it was a piece of gravel lol. My grandma used to collect crystals, and I know that she would carry a little black velvet pouch with a Clear Quartz crystals in it. I never knew why she did it, or what was her purpose of having those crystals, better yet, why did she carry them with her ?? I thought she was like me, finding rocks and collecting them, but I was jealous of her because I was like "how come she's getting all the pretty cool rocks and i'm not. what was her secret" lol but that's another story for another post lol.

Let's Jump Into The Haul !!

So I invested in these 4 beautiful finds. I already own a Clear Quartz so I decided to get these 3 for a certain reason. I had a dream about 3 crystals, it was Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and a Clear Quartz. I woke up and I looked up the meaning behind these stones and what I read shocked me because each of these stones have a specific job. Let me explain.

The Amethyst Stone 

is said to enhance your intuition, your spirituality, and meditation. It also helps develop a deeper understanding of life. It is protective and it neutralises negative energy. It also calms the mind and spirit. It's great with helping with decision making and balances emotional highs and lows.

The Rose Quartz 

enhances self-esteem and it teaches us to love ourselves. This is the stone of unconditional love and it opens the heart chakra to love in all of its forms. It lowers stress, and it soothes. This has to be one of my favorite stones, plus it's pink, my favorite color.

The Crystal (Clear) Quartz 

is the most powerful healing stone and the most common/popular stone. It's an energy amplifier, and it develops spirituality and the connection to the universe beyond self. It also assists to reach transcendental states during meditation. Putting positive energy into this stone is essential, and carrying this stone with you can change the whole mood of your day. (Now I see why my grandma carried these around with her). Now i already have a Clear Quartz so Instead of getting another one, I bought a Hematite stone.

The Hematite Stone 

protects, stabilises, and grounds. It increases clarity and mental organisation. It also shifts negative energy our of the aura. I also heard it helps with clearing out toxins and helps with iron in the blood, to build and clarify, which is what I need since i'm anemic.

I've been going through a lot these past couple of months, and I was thinking about my grandma one night and then the dream about these crystals revealed some things to me. The meaning behind these crystals is exactly what I needed because all these problems can be healed with prayer and with the help of these beautiful crystals. I know that deep down my grandmother had something to do with this, and i'm grateful that she is watching over me in spirit.

Here are my babies. Amethyst, Rose, and Hematite. Along with my Rose Quartz pendant.