Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Creatives Block.

Okay, let's get real and deep today. It seems that in this time in age it's a lot happening all at once. I know i'm not the only one experiencing this blockage in society. With all the racial, religious, generational tension occurring it seems that this Trump era has me in the dumps when it comes to being creative and building content. It's hard to focus and keep track of everything. I guess that's apart of being an adult adult right?  Like I said before, I KNOW that i'm not the only person feeling this shift at full force. I've been seeing a decline in my ability to create things, my inspiration meter has dropped dramatically, and what makes it even worse is venting to other people who are in the same field have no solution for me, which is understandable I believe. Yeah it sucks, but I think I can spread some hope in this blockage. 

What I've been learning is that you can't force your brain to want to create. I can be really hard on myself because I feel that I'm not good at what I do. I doubt myself and my abilities and that frustrates me. It may sound funny, but I find myself and others getting so frustrated and it results in unnecessary stress that we truly do not need. Instead of frustrating your brain to death, focus on these two tips that will help you get your creative spark going. 


Don't and I repeat DON'T force yourself to create content. Draw yourself to focus on relaxing your mind. I notice that when I really focus on finding things to do that make me feel happy and relaxed, it really helps so so much. Try meditating in silence, watching a show, watching YouTube videos that inspire you, and also reading inspiring books. Also listening to music helps. For me I love listening to lo-fi because it helps me to wind down my brain, especially when I feel my brain is going 150 mph. Once you're brain is in a calmer state I guarantee those ideas will come to you easier than you forcing it. 


Not all clutter is bad. Sometimes the best ideas come from a mind that has a lot in it, like a storage unit on storage wars lol. Meditating and allowing yourself to dig deep into your thoughts will help you pull ideas out and transfer them to paper. You can keep those thought forever and look back at them. You may write something down one day, then a few days (or even years) later you may be able to create some amazing content. It has been plenty of times where I thought about something and I couldn't think of what to say at that moment, and then one day I think about it again and I'm in a better state of mind to create something amazing. It's all about timing. 

This may be cliche', but this has helped me and so many other people. Apply these two tips to your everyday life, dwell on it and notice the difference. I hope this helps.