Monday, March 2, 2015

Highlight and Contour? No Liquid Foundation? Say Whatttt ?!

Hey everybody ! It's been almost a whole month since I made a post but I've been busy with a lot, so I do apologize. Here's a new post for y'all. :) So normally I don't do my makeup when I go to work because I'm doing a lot of moving around, and sweating and makeup with sweat is a NO NO okay lol. Now when I do decide to do a full face, it's only because I have my clients coming in for their appointments, so I have to do a little something something. Unfortunately due to the weather the mall closed early so I wasted make up BUT I did make a tutorial and took pictures. So I might just post my first make up tutorial on my YouTube channel...but anywho let's get to the look I created. 
So I did a highlight and a light contour with no liquid foundation, yeah that's right, no liquid foundation just a powder foundation. I decided to do that because I wanted a matte finish without the extra "cakey" feel. I normally do light make up for an everyday, quick and easy look. In the summer time this method is my best friend because it helps control my combination/oily skin, especially around my t-zone area. I always go towards a golden smokey eye because I love gold on my skin and it's my signature look. It's an easy go to look for me. I added this faded effect to show the highlight and contour while in florescent/indoor lighting. I did not want a dramatic contour so doing a light contour under the highlighted areas makes the look very subtle.  
I recently did a Mini MAC Haul on two new lippies that I bought and the one that I decided to use was MAC Syrup with a brown NYX lip liner. I do not fill in my brows because they are naturally thick so I just conceal underneath and at the top and blend the concealer out. I had so much fun doing this look because I used a NYX loose pigment on top of an golden eye shadow and I am so happy and proud of this look. It was easy, and it took me at least 20-30 minutes tops :) !