Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Welcome to My Blog.

photo by: kaysovivid

All About Kay

Where should I begin ? Okay well my name is Kyra and I am from Detroit, Michigan. Due to my dad's military service I've lived in Oklahoma, South Carolina, and now Texas, and we are getting stationed to a new location (shhhh that's a secret). I consider South Carolina to be my second home and ever since I left after I graduated in 2010, I always travel back to visit. I'm very family orientated, and I love being around people who truly love and care for me. Happiness within myself and with others is truly my getaway. 

I am currently a Psychology major and I love studying in this field. I also work while i'm in school to feed my make up addiction, and of course to pay for the important things first lol. I'm also an aspiring photographer. I would love to make photography apart of my life once I graduate college and pursue my career in counseling. I created this blog to simply put myself in a new light. I have so many new journey's ahead of me that I'm choosing to take on, and I want to document it. My life is changing, i'm growing into a new and improved me, and blogging about it and also helping others is a new focus for me. I want to do things different, it's a new year so why not talk more about it.

This Blog:

This blog is not just a "one topic" blog, i want it to be about everything. My faith, food, fashion, hair, make up, vlogs, etc. I don't want to be the person who has to limit myself to just one focus. It's more to life than fashion, hair, and make up. The rawness of my life is pretty much what this blog will consist of. One day i want to look back and say, "wow look how far this blog came, and look at how many people like it". I want to help people as much as I can so this will start that off :) It's a lot about me that I don't share just to keep for myself. I've always been a secretive person but i like expressing myself, especially when it's something i'm super proud of. I've come a long way from where I used to be and I can say that i'm ready to push forward and gain more.