Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Happy New Year !! Big Chop Story.

I know I'm late but I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year !! I have been a busy woman towards the end of 2015 and now I seem to have been blessed with some down time. So let me tell you what I've been up to. I've been making some major financial decisions and I'm now at the point where things in my life are FINALLY meshing well together. I purchased my first brand new car, I'm in the process on getting my own place, and the relationships in my life have been quite rough, but it's also been a smooth ride majority of the time, and I am beyond thankful for that if you ask me. I've learned the beauty of the word NO, you read that right, I've been practicing on letting my yes's be YES'S, and my no's being NO's. I have also learned to let go of people who honestly do not care about me or my efforts that I invest into them. Oh and by the way....I big chopped. Yes, I built the courage to do a major cut....for the second time.

So I started my second transitioning phase in November 2014. I decided to transition again because I had gotten a dramatic hair cut on December 31, 2013 and as I was growing out that short cut, i relaxed the new growth once I reached my desired length. Once I reached my desired length I was honestly tired of relaxing my hair. Something in me was sick of the process. My hair was growing with no problem. It wasn't breaking off like it used to when I had no knowledge of how to properly relax my own hair. Over time when I was relaxing, I learned the proper way and my hair didn't suffer, it was healthy, but I felt that I needed to learn more about myself and grow, and this included embracing me in every natural way. 

Once I started to transition, I noticed something different about the second time. My relaxed ends were not only chemically straightened, it had went through some pretty bad heat damage. I had texlaxed ends, so it looked like loose waves, and some were straight. It was not cute. So i started with the transitioning styles. At the time I lived in Texas, so the heat and sometimes the humidity was not so kind to my hair. So i started rocking the braids, and wigs. Those protective styles were my go to's.

In August, I did a length check and I had so much growth. At this point it has been 9 months since I relaxed my hair. Almost a year of growth. My new growth was so thick, curly, and soft, and my relaxed/damaged ends were....well there lol. I treated both of the textures the same, and it allowed my hair to flourish and grow with less breakage.

Fast forward....December 26, 2015 I did another length check, and as expected my hair grew. At this point I transitioned successfully for 1 year and 1 month. As you can see my hair almost hit BSL (Bra.Strap.Length). I never hit that length, the longest my hair has ever been was past my collar bone.

Alright, that following month on January 8, 2016 I couldn't take it anymore. I was planning on taking my Miss Celie braids out that I wear under my hair unit I made, and when I went to take them down, I felt how thick my new growth was, compared to my relaxed/damaged ends. Every time I didn't even want to think about detangling the two textures. So I called one of my best friends up, I texted my boyfriend, and told them I was about to cut my hair. 

I was kind of nervous after the first section was relaxed/damaged end free. Then I felt a lot better because I was fed up. I knew I wouldn't regret it, because I knew what my hair could do. I knew my hair would grow back. I kept telling myself that it had to be done, that I had no choice but to cut it and start fresh. 

All that hair I cut off was weighing my natural hair down, literally. That hand full of hair was heavy with product in it, and when it was wet. It felt like an iPhone 4 with an otter box case on it lol. I'm glad I decided to cut it off. 

Now, i'm learning my hair, and learning how to embrace it more. My go to style is twist outs. It's easy since my hair is not long anymore. I noticed my curl pattern(s) are different all over my head, and i'm okay with that :). Some days are better than others, some days I feel like I look like little Michael Jackson lol but either way I am happy with my hair, and I can't wait to watch it flourish.